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Alter Your Health

Mar 7, 2019

Today we dive into the huge abyss of GMOs...! More important we talk about the chemical, Glyhposate (active ingredient of RoundUp) that is heavily sprayed on GMO crops that are engineered to be resistant to the harmful effects of glyphosate.

While it's a deep and heavy topic and we did just scratch the service, this episode has a number of important take aways that are intended to inform and empower you to live a healthy life while helping to transform the health of the planet.

Some takeaways from the conversation... 

  • Glyphosate is a water soluble toxin that disrupts the shikimate pathway in plants, bacteria, and fungi
  • Glyphosate causes plants to be deficient in essential amino acids, minerals, and other phytochemicals
  • Eating organic, non-GMO food and drinking clean purified water are the most important things to keep healthy
  • Mineral replacement can be very important (AND we really do not generally advocate for any supplements - besides Vit D and Vit B12!)
  • Buying organic is a vote for a natural and sustainable farming system that promotes health


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