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Alter Your Health

May 16, 2019

We're in New York! And, energetically feeling a bit drained. That tends to happen to me (Benjamin) in big cities.

We thought it was a good opportunity to tackle this topic of energy and how we can be energetically influenced by our environment.


The intention of this conversation is to empower you to access your innate resilience in approaching what may be energetically challenging environments.

Some take aways...

  • Examples of "positive" and "negative" energy environments 
  • How and why some people are sensitive to other energies
  • Ways to protect energy in the midst of chaotic moments
  • The physical flow of energy in the body and why it's important to nurture your physical self
  • Emitting "positive energy" as a way of changing energetic relationships
  • The power of approaching challenges with neutrality and acceptance


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