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Alter Your Health

Sep 16, 2019

Josh is pure fire - passion and inspiration embodied. His transformational journey has inspired countless people around the world, including me.

What intrigues me most about his story is not his transformation, but his consistent connection with his culture, traditions, work, friends, and family despite the major changes that have transpired in his life. As he shares, the juxtaposition of the various facets of life does keep him grounded and present in the world.

In this conversation you get a real taste of Josh's pure heart. He is such a kind soul, and expresses his passions in many forms - from running, to writing, to speaking, and also serving through his recent start-up, WellStart Health.

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Some highlights include... 

  • How Josh went from 420 pounds to 190 pounds
  • His journey from hunting to running
  • Why his low carb diet limited weight loss and performance
  • The inspiration that moved Josh along his transformation journey
  • Why your genetics are absolutely NOT your fate
  • How Rich Roll, Scott Jurek, and Howard Jacobson fueled and supported Josh's passion

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