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Alter Your Health

Dec 24, 2018

I've always appreciated fungi, and today's episode is packed with powerful information from a truly fun-gi!

Jeff is an expert mycologist. Our conversation traversed all things from medicinal mushroom properties, culinary mushrooms, mushroom cultivation, as well as how sketchy the mushroom supplement industry is.

I learned a ton. One big take away for me was the fact that most mushroom powders today are actually mostly GRAIN due to the fact that the mycelium is grown on grain and then the mycelium and grain combined is powdered and processed.

Other highlights include...

- Jeff's journey into the field of mycology

- The immune stimulating properties that ALL mushrooms have

- Some special compounds found in special varieties of mushrooms

- Why mushrooms grown in China are NOT contaminated

- The importance of reading the fine print on mushroom supplements

- Some delicious and nutritious culinary mushrooms





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