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Alter Your Health

Feb 7, 2019

Happy #HEARTWEEK!  This week is a group effort organized by Dr. Bryant Esquejo to raise awareness of natural approaches to keeping YOU and your HEART healthy!

Let's face it - we know of one really phenomenal tried and true method for preventing and reversing heart disease... in fact, that is the name of the book - Prevent and Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr.

In this episode we get into some more nuanced heart conditions, as well as the very interesting and important topic of heart rate variability.

Some questions that we covered include...
* What exactly is heart rate variability (HRV)?
* Why is HRV important for your health?
* How to easily optimize your own HRV?
* What causes palpitations?
* Natural approaches to treat palpitations
* How to recover from a heart attack with optimal nutrition
* Scientifically proven ways to optimize cholesterol naturally

For more heart related episodes, definitely check out Episode #4 ( and Episode #62 ( with Dr. Daniel Chong as well as Episode #55 ( here we talk about healing the heart with Food and Love and why "Food Alone Won't Prevent Heart Disease.”

Want support bringing more nourishing foods and activities into your day-to-day life? Check out our Weekly Group Coaching program!

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