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Alter Your Health

Feb 25, 2019

Well this conversation was a hoot! Not your typical Alter Your Health interview, but more of a debate... a friendly one that is!


Being very passionate about a plant based lifestyle for human health and environmental sustainability, I was hesitant to accept Dr. Hussey's request to come onto the podcast knowing he does not advocate such a lifestyle. Then, I realized the importance of broadening and deepening the conversation in order to think outside the self-constructed box and access creative ideas.


Some of highlight topics in this conversation include...

  • Is it really the absence of animal products that allows for heart disease to be reversed?
  • Potential deficiencies in a vegan diet
  • The cave man days and the evolution of the human genome
  • Is veganism really sustainable for the environment?
  • The importance of being mindful as a consumer in our modern world

Enjoy! And be prepared to see and hear some Dr. Benjamin passion!


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