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Alter Your Health

Feb 28, 2019

I came out of the "vegan closet" back around Episode 28 ( I was talking with Sailesh Rao.

Early this week, I dove into a friendly debate with Dr. Stephen Hussey (Episode 76 - where we discussed veganism from a health and environmentalist perspective. 

Here, we decided to finally dive in a little deeper into why we are both vegan along with our personal physical, psychological, and spiritual journeys in transitioning to vegan lifestyle.

Some highlights from the conversation... 

  • The mistake most vegans make - that both of us made as well
  • What else you are consuming with your meat, dairy, and eggs besides proteins, hormones, toxins, and cholesterol
  • Why there is no such thing as humane meat
  • How factory farming is actually the most sustainable method to produce the amount of meat needed to satisfy our meat-eating world 

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