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Alter Your Health

Dec 13, 2019

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil... the hallmark of a healthy mediterranean diet, right?

Not so fast!

In this conversation we talk about why oil, even the most expensive and best quality, is NOT a health food.

While we generally recommend that all of our clients and patients avoid oil to optimally heal, we understand that we can eat out at restaurants and it can "slip in" from time to time. We keep you informed of those oils that are total dealbreakers for your health, and those that can be included in moderation, depending on your health goals. For a closer look on what you need to know about FAT, check out this article - 


Some take aways include...

  • How added oils interfere with your health
  • The most important oils to avoid - corn, canola, soy ("vegetable oil")
  • Different fatty acids and how they do different things in your body
  • Basic tips on cooking oil free - definitely check out our youtube video - 
  • What about coconut oil and olive oil???


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