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Alter Your Health

Oct 17, 2019

Episode Summary

We covered A LOT in this one!!! Addressing the huge topic of fatigue, acute and chronic, from all angles. 

It's such a common symptom. And, it's just as common to jump to some conclusion around what is causing fatigue...

Surely it's just a deficiency of coffee, right!?

Turns out there are numerous reasons why someone may be experiencing fatigue, and we do our best to cover it all in this episode.

Some highlights include... 

  • The distinction between ACUTE and CHRONIC fatigue
  • How fatigue is you'r body's wisdom and part of a healing process
  • Why infections cause acute fatigue
  • WATER is the most powerful energy drink
  • Sleep QUALITY is just as important as QUANTITY
  • Nutritional deficiencies to look out for
  • The intricate balance of hormones - thyroid, adrenals, sex hormones
  • Why adrenals take such a load in society today
  • How a chronic infection (Lyme, EBV, herpes, strep, CMV, babesia, bartonella) causes chronic fatigue
  • Understanding that chronic mental stress lies at the root of it all


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