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Alter Your Health

Apr 1, 2019

This conversation with Wendy is my first exposure to her work. She is such a special person!


When I learned about her work as an Eidetics practitioner, I was intrigued... I have been exposed to SO many practices and processes with regard to spiritual and psychological inquiry from meditation, to emotional freedom technique, to neurolingustic programming, to psychoanalysis, to dream work, to somatic studies, and of course the 3 principles teachings of Sydney Banks. 


This episode was unlike most due to its experiential nature. Wendy guided me through an Eidetic process, which listeners can also follow along with. If you watch the video, you may even see me transform!


Here are highlights from the conversation.. 

  • Wendy's experience coming into Eidetics
  • What is Eidetics and how can it be used to take to a breakthrough (experience)
  • Why we human beings can tend to hold ourselves back in life and fight against what we want
  • How we can work with the mind to open up to our creative potential

Enjoy the experience with Wendy!

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