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Alter Your Health

Jul 16, 2018

I am so thrilled to share this conversation with Walter Werzowa. You may not have ever heard his name, but you have certainly heard at least some of his musical creation. Walter has created the musical signature for Intel (ding.... dong-ding-dung-ding ---- I'm not very musical!), amongst many other audio signatures and musical masterpieces.

Walter's classical musical career has evolved in a very unique direction that has given rise to his most recent endeavor, HealthTunes.

The bulk of our discussion was focused on Music Medicine, different tune, notes, and melodies that have been proven effective for various health conditions. Walter shares a little bit about the extensive library of Music Medicine that is available (for FREE!) at HealthTunes. He tells about how different pieces of music can have different physiologic impacts to promote health and healing of the body from various physical, and mental/emotional conditions.

It was indeed a very interesting interview, and I am so grateful to Walter for his loving service in this world!


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