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Alter Your Health

Jun 20, 2019

I wrote a couple articles on the topics ( & but we wanted to dive deeper to discuss the potential dangers of collagen. 

This episode was truly jam packed with information! After recording, I literally felt out of breath. It is my intention to make these LIVE episodes shorter and more digestible... hopefully this wasn't too much!

Some highlights include...

  • What collagen is and how it is formed in the body
  • The incredible fact that it composes 1/3 of your human body!
  • Why animals accumulate heavy metals in their bones
  • How glyphosate makes it's way into collagen as well!
  • Natural tips to boost collagen biosynthesis in your body

We referenced A LOT of information that was covered in greater depth in different episodes. Feel free to dive in and geek out more on these topics:

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