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Alter Your Health

Jul 29, 2019

This episode was not your typical podcast interview... In this episode Dr. Susanna and I give an extended teaser to our online course, MEDICINAL LIVING (

We talk about the determinants of health and the hierarchy of healing - some of the most essential and fundamental concepts that point us to understanding how the body heals itself.

Takeaways: The body heals itself, and YOU are the healer.

We talk about...

  • Air and Breathing - how air and breathing habits can cause chronic symptoms
  • Water and Hydration - how water quality caused chronic acne
  • Food - the importance with an understanding of how the body uses food to create energy and heal
  • Movement - why movement is NOT the place to start in healing or losing weight
  • Thought - the brain body connection and how limiting thoughts perpetuate dis-ease
  • Relationships - why it's impossible to optimally thrive with toxic relationships
  • Purpose - the importance of aligning with primary and secondary purpose to stimulate healing 

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