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Alter Your Health

Apr 25, 2019

We've done a number of talks on gut health, and for good reason! We know that health starts in the gut, so even if you aren't experiencing and gas, bloating, or digestive issues, maintaining optimal gut health is key to maintain health and wellness in your life in general.


We recorded episodes recently on Antibiotics/Probiotics, GMOs and Glyphosate, Mineral Deficiency, and SIBO - all of which tie back around to  gut health.


Today, we go just a step further, talking about symbiosis in the gut and why it's important to think beyond health microbiome diversity.


We brink up the product RESTORE which we absolutely love and stand behind. We do have an affiliation with the company, so if you would like to give this product a try, we would be grateful if you ordered through our link HERE:


Some takeaways include...

  • What probiotics really do and what their downsides are
  • What are prebiotics and why it's important to EAT them!
  • Science around the implications of a dose of antibiotics and how to optimally recover
  • How humic and fulvic acid act as compost in the soil of your microbiome
  • Why a soil based mineral product (on top of a diverse plant based diet) may be a fix to so many chronic diseases in our world today


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