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Alter Your Health

Jul 4, 2019

While we tend to focus on big picture holistic health and reversing chronic disease, I (Dr. Benjamin) have also had my fair share of experience with healing acute injuries.

In this episode we talk about some natural tips and tricks to supercharge your physical healing - all of these things blow the socks off of what conventional medicine has to offer in terms of bone, joint, and wound healing.

Some take aways include...

  • Your health FOUNDATION is still critically important in acute healing
  • Vitamin C and minerals are the essential nutrients that your body needs for healing
  • We share our favorite sources of food-based vitamin C (not ascorbic acid!)
  • Hydrotherapy supercharges healing by directing your body's blood flow
  • Homeopathy turns up your vital force, boosts your immunity, and clarifies your mind
  • Have a mindset that promotes healing - not constriction, tension, and dis-ease

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