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Alter Your Health

Apr 11, 2019


There's been a lot of "drama" in the vegan, plant based world lately... at least from my perspective.

Of course Rawvana is no longer vegan, and so many other vegan youtube stars have followed suit.

I don't put much weight into these individuals who come to their nutrition without any sort of solid professional advice.

The fact of the matter is that a whole food plant based vegan diet takes some knowledge and time to implement in a healthy and sustainable way. The good news is that in doing so, it is the healthiest diet for humans and the earth.

We covered a lot in this conversation...


Some takeaways include...

  • Why dogmatic approaches to nutrition are never sustainable
  • What a sustainable whole food plant based vegan diet looks like
  • The myth of bioindividuality 
  • Where more extreme nutritional approaches (fasting/raw diets) fit into a health program
  • How inner feelings about something is so much more powerful than what we think
  • The importance of recognizing the individualized nature of everyone's human nutritional journey


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