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Alter Your Health

Jul 26, 2018

In this episode, we circle back around to the all important determinant of health - FOOD!

The topic of food has been a hot one to handle for some time now, and there is no sign of it cooling down.

In this episode we aim to CUT THROUGH THE CHAOS and find a simple and straight forward path to the optimal food choices and eating habits.

To sum it up, we focus on...

  1. The importance of eating WHOLE FOODS over processed foods (this means olives over olive oil, peas over pea protein, and dates over date sugar)
  2. Reading nutrition labels - focus on THE INGREDIENTS
  3. Choose ORGANIC - or refer to the environmental working group's clean 15 and dirty dozen
  4. Cook your own food (restaurants mostly add LOTS of undesirable ingredients)
  5. Focus on PLANTS - plants are nutrient dense, and we need these nutrients to maintain optimal health
  6. Be conscious about food combining - specifically avoid high fat combined with high carb - a deadly combo! (think donuts, pastry, steak and potato, etc.

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