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Alter Your Health

Apr 18, 2019

YES! You should. Human beings have cleansed in some way  throughout history. It has always been seasonal, since around this time of year stored food would tend to deplete and humans would be in a period of famine as spring crops were just starting to sprout.

Nowadays, we are obviously not in any sort of famine! And, we don't need to intentionally create famine. In this episode we talk about some different philosophies and practices regarding cleansing - from water fasting, to juice fasting, to food-based cleansing. 

Some takeaways include...

  • What happens in the body when we fast or cleanse
  • How to approach a water fast or juice cleanse
  • Why living a detoxifying lifestyle is the most important way to stay healthy
  • Why we are focusing on a food based cleanse this year (specifically, Medical Medium's 3-6-9 cleanse
  • You are invited to join our cleanse! Starting April 29!

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