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Alter Your Health

Aug 19, 2019

I found Robbie on the day he started his 75-day, 3,175 mile run across America through a post that Rich Roll made on Instagram. From then forward, I followed his Plant Powered mission as he traversed the entire country, covering an average of 43 miles daily for 75 consecutive days. A large feat, to say the least!

I was so pleased to have this conversation and dive deeper to understand the passion and energy that fueled Robbie's plant powered mission. It was a wonderful conversation! 


Some highlights include... 

  • Robbie's love of the environment leading to his Plant Powered Mission
  • How a plant-based diet actually enhanced running performance
  • The plant-based foods that led to Robbie's success 
  • How Robbie went from a 2.5 mile run to 3,175 miles across the country
  • The importance of hydrating early in the day
  • How cravings can point us to our body's wisdom
  • The power of aligning passions to fuel your mission
  • Getting through the inevitable walls that arise in a feat like running across the country

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