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Alter Your Health

Dec 10, 2018

In this episode, I finish my reflection on the first 50 episodes of this podcast, covering episodes 22 - 50.

I share some highlights and learnings from each episode. Here are the links to each of the episodes for you to go back and listen to any of interest!

#22 - Dr. Satya Ambrose: Functional Medicine before it was cool + healing stories -

#24 - Arvind Chittumalla: How to be a healthy yogi -

#26 - Dr. Glen Nagel: The magical properties of cannabis and other weeds -

#28 - Dr. Sailesh Rao: A solution to world hunger, climate change, and violence -

#30 - Dr. Ben Reebs: A quantum talk on vitalism and individualized healthcare -

#32 - Wilfredo Benitez: Plant-powered performance nutrition -

#34 - Dr. Greg Nigh: Busting paradigms - alternative views on SIBO, cancer, and more -

#36 - Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick: Spiritual Psychology as a tool for evolving consciousness -

#38 - Michael Brian Baker: Shamanism, plant medicine, and pranayama for transformation -

#40 - Dr. Joel Kahn: Vegan nutrition for ageless living -

#42 - Dr. Joan Borysenko: Cultivating resilience through mind-body mastery -

#44 - Dr. Susanna Alter: War and peace in relationships -

#46 - Dr. Larry Dossey: The ONE mind that heals us ALL -

#48 - Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondanada): Cosmic Comedy as an antidote to stress -

#50 - Dr. Joel Fuhrman: Nutritional excellence is more powerful than any drug -

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