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Alter Your Health

Dec 3, 2018

In this episode, I take this time to reflect on the first 50 episodes of the Alter Your Health podcast. It's been a fun and exciting learning experience for me, and I wanted to reflect and share my learnings through conducting so many interviews with such amazing people.

I made it through the first 14 interviews I conducted on the podcast

Episode 0 - Dr. Susanna Alter: Our Healing Journeys -

Episode 1 - Jere Friendman: Healing with Gong and Breath -

Episode 2 - Dr. Leonard Laskow: Healing with Love -

Episode 3 - Andy Petranek: Living the Whole Life Challenge -

Episode 4 - Dr. Daniel Chong: Healing the heart with food -

Episode 5 - Dr. Christie Fleetwood: From Pharmacy to Farmacy -

Episode 6 - Benjamin Fox: Finding purpose and health through astrology -

Episode 7 - Meredith Klein: Finding balance with Ayurveda -

Episode 8 - Dr. Bill Pettit: Mental Health - one cause, one cure -

Episode 10 - Dr. Christian Gonzalez: Keeping cancer-free in a toxic world -

Episode 12 - Walter Werzowa: Music Medicine for Body, Mind, and Soul -

Episode 14 - Erin O'Rourke: Releasing trauma into the water through Watsu and aquatic therapy -

Episode 16 - Dr. Russell Marz: Nutrition to heal people and the planet -

Episode 18 - Amber Ryan: Mindfully moving into wholeness with 5Rhythms -

Episode 20 - Jovinna Chan: Being fully alive -


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