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Alter Your Health

May 23, 2019

This episode is where Dr. Susanna naturally shines! Natural Beauty and Body Care... she walks the walk and talks the talk. Well, I guess we both do, but given the pressures on women today to "Be Beautiful" in our world, Dr. Susanna brings her unique approach to the topic of beauty.

Some topics discussed...

  • Why topical protocols don't create sustainable beauty
  • How "The Caveman Method" can lead to naturally radiant skin
  • Tips to maintain a health pH mantel and microbiome on your skin
  • The "No Poo Method" and how it can transform your hair
  • Potential side effects of conventional shampoos and conditioners (e.g. hair loss!)
  • The power of spending less time in front of a mirror
  • Recognizing divine beauty in ourselves and others

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