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Alter Your Health

Jun 25, 2018

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In this conversation, Meredith shares the ancient art and science of ayurveda in a very simple, modern and practical way. We discuss how ayurvedic concepts can help bring balance to life to support health and wellbeing. While the focus on the conversation was certainly nutrition, Meredith brings up other applications of ayurveda in life, which are very fascinating. One of my favorite aspects of this conversation is the discussion on mindfulness in the kitchen. Each meal is not only a medicinal opportunity to consume, but the preparation can be powerfully healing as well.

In this conversation, Dr. Fleetwood and I start by talking about her background and personal healing journey. She provides a brief history of the pharmaceutical industry and how our society has come to be so overly medicated. We talk about some of the worst/scariest drugs that are also commonly prescribed, along with some common "side effects." We didn't get so much into the complex nutritional deficiencies that can arise over time while taking most pharmaceutical medications, but we did touch on how these meds can become obstacles for natural healing. We end with some very important foundational information when it comes to getting of pharmaceutical meds (please note that such should be done ALWAYS under proper medical supervision).


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