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Alter Your Health

Mar 4, 2019

I love talking about breath! It is FREE medicine. Modulating breath is a powerful practice that can hav ehuge impacts on your the health and wellbeing of your mind and your body.

In this conversation we dive deeply into all of that, and discuss some practical tools and information to optimize your breathing patterns.

Some of highlight topics in this conversation include...
* Breath is the link between mind and body via the vagus nerve
* The diaphragm carries tons of information and energy related to breath
* Inhaling brings in oxygen which stimulates the nervous system
* Practice mindful breathing through nose to expand diaphragm for 5 minutes every 90 minutes to retrain your breathing
* The mouth is for eating, the nose is for breathing 

I loved having Marco on the podcast, and encourage you to check out his Udemy course! -

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