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Alter Your Health

Jun 10, 2019

Jeevan was actually my roommate for some time during medical school! She studied in the Classical Chinese Medicine program at NCNM, where I was in the Naturopathic Medical program.

I loved reconnecting with her and having this conversation where we were able to dive into her amazingly unique flavor of holistic healing that she offers her clients and patients.

Her focus is embodiment and womb care and she has an amazing toolbox of skills and experiences that she is able to offer.


Some highlights include... 

  • Jeevan's story of coming into Holistic Health as a poet
  • Her studies in the Hakomi Method of mindfulness
  • Tools for understanding the language of the body
  • Why it's important to connect with our subconscious mind
  • Experience how a "mindful immersion" empowers deep connection with body and mind
  • How hands on therapies can enhance blood/energy flow to relieve stagnation

Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment, rating, or review on whatever platform you choose to tune in on!


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