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Alter Your Health

Feb 14, 2019

With Veganism gaining popularity, it makes perfect sense that Vegan Keto would be the next big thing... and it is!

We've found ourselves in an increasing number of conversations around high fat, ketogenic diets. We thought it was a good opportunity to s hare our thoughts on the matter from a rational and science based perspective.

A ketogenic diet consists of an outrageous 70% of calories from fat. The other calories consist of 25% protein and a mere 5% carbohydrates. It is actually quite challenging to keep protein as low as 25% of calories, as fat and protein mostly come together in foods (from both plants and animals). Therefore, adding the processed fats (in the form of oils, butter, cream, etc) becomes necessary.

In this episode we talk about some of the short term benefits and long term consequence of the ketogenic diet.

To spoil the ending, we advise people to eat a whole food plant based diet that is naturally lower in fat and protein! 

Some highlights from the conversation... 

  • Foods to eat on a keto, and vegan keto, diet
  • Short term effects (i.e. the “keto flu”)
  • How and why people lose weight... for a while
  • Potential consequences of prolonged high fat/low carb diet

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