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Alter Your Health

Jun 13, 2019

In this episode I share a story about how water (hydrotherapy) saved my life, specifically by supporting an advanced infection in self-resolving.​

We also dive into other hydrotherapy applications that can be helpful in supporting the body from healing acute or chronic conditions. For a deeper dive into the "HOW TO" of hydrotherapy, definitely check out a recent video we published on YouTube -


Some highlights include...


  • MY life saving story and how hydrotherapy helped me heal a serious infection without antibiotics
  • Check out the dramatic healing photos here:​
  • How water helps to manipulate and enhance circulation in the body 
  • The hormone boosting and balancing effects of cold water
  • Why you should never end a hot bath or hot shower without some cold water or air
  • The many ways that the mysterious lymphatic fluid moves through the body

Want support in the holistic healing journey through mind and body? Check out our Healing Community!


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