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Alter Your Health

Oct 1, 2018

I’ve had the great pleasure of learning from Dr. Nigh a bit over the years. He is a true genius, and a real scientist, always thinking in working in ways to evolve thought and ideas.

This conversation is a little more scientific and physical based than others, but a real demonstration of how we ought to relate to the world of science and medicine to keep the ball moving forward.

We talk about SIBO, cancer, and other alternative concepts related to chronic disease.

Dr. Nigh presents some mind-blowing ideas around cellular biology, adaptive mechanics of the body, and other medical concepts that you likely have never heard of!

Maybe you will come away from this one knowing how little we know. While it could be a bleak concept, I see it as inspirational. There is so much room to learn and grow! And, even if we don’t understand many things related to the human body and medicine, that isn’t to say that things are unexplainable or undiscoverable.


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