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Alter Your Health

Mar 25, 2019

Dr. Susanna is no stranger to the Alter Your Health Podcast !

I'm excited to sit down and pick her brain about one of her areas of expertise: women's health and holistic pelvic care.

In this conversation we just focused on Holistic Pelvic Care, a physical therapy to support the natural healing from many acute and chronic conditions. 

Here are some things I learned... 

  • What exactly is Holistic Pelvic Care!?
  • The wide variety of symptoms and conditions that can be supported through this therapy
  • Why internal, physical therapy is not always necessary
  • The power of visualization and meditation to heal the pelvic bowl
  • How common it is to be disconnected from this part of our bodies (both men and women)

Dr. Susanna offers this therapy in person locally in Carbondale, Colorado and the surrounding Roaring Fork Valley, but would be happy to help you find a local therapist!

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