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Alter Your Health

Sep 10, 2018

After this powerful conversation, I came fully out of the closet - the VEGAN closet! For those of you who know me well, you probably are familiar with the fact that I don't eat meat or animal products. I have been teetering on the fence for several years, being fully "plant-based" for the last year or so.

Dr. Rao is a brilliant individual who offers a comprehensive and unique approach to so many of the problems that plague our world today. This conversation is more about the macro perspective, addressing these issues on a global scale.

We talk about how veganism is a way to a healthier and happier world.

Dr. Rao has been involved with numerous projects to create the infrastructure to support such a transition. Based on current trends, it sure does seem like veganism may in fact gain force to elicit such changes discussed in this episode!

While the message is clearly one that promotes veganism, it is not an all or nothing approach. We needn't sacrifice it all! We talk about this transition in length, and how adopting a lifestyle that advocates for 'normalized non-violence' in place of 'normalized violence' will slowly eradicate so many individual and global issues.

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