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Alter Your Health

Jul 30, 2018


Dr. Russell Marz is one of the most fun and fascinating individuals I know. He has a long history of teaching clinical nutrition at NUNM, my alma mater. I was not fortunate enough to have him as a professor when I attended NUNM, though I am grateful to connect with him in the naturopathic community of Portland, Oregon where he continues to practice. Like any conversation with Dr. Marz, this was a fun one!

It can be hard to keep this character tethered to this planet, but what would you expect with the last name of Marz!?

We covered all sorts of things concerning the the environment and the most effective way to change the course of out trajectory as a species. We talked about how many of us are suffering from "second hand meat eating." We touched on the blue zones, another one of Dr. Marz's passions, as well as the "IDEAL DIET" for humans.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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