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Alter Your Health

Jul 31, 2019

For some reason we haven't talk about stress that much on this podcast. Stress is in fact the primary driving force behind all chronic disease, and the main topic of conversation in our private practice, aside from nutrition.


In this episode we talk about "root cause" of stress, which lies in our misunderstanding of where stress comes from.


Stress doesn't come from finances, or work, or relationships, or your health issues... stress comes from THOUGHTs and thoughts alone... or your thoughts about your thoughts!


Some highlights include...

  • Why we are wired for stress
  • How stress is actually our friend
  • The most reliable way to access the relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system)
  • The power of breath, grounding, and gratitude
  • "Outside in" vs "inside out" reality
  • What thoughts actually are, and the only way they can control you

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