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Alter Your Health

Dec 31, 2018

In this conversation, Dicken shares how understanding the nature of the human experience leads to deepened states of peace and wellbeing in addition to expanded creative potential.

In such a crazy and chaotic world, people are running around pointing fingers at one another for causing suffering.

Dicken shares the one true cause of all suffering, and contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with anything outside of yourself.​

Throughout this conversation, we are pointing to the 3 principles - the teachings of Sydney Banks.


Takeaways include...

  • Feelings come directly from thoughts inside, not the outside world

  • Cycles of high moods and low moods are natural for every human being

  • Wisdom and creativity are accessible regardless of feelings

  • Health and Wellbeing is our inherent set point

We only scratched the surface of how this understanding can support one in navigating the trials and tribulations that are inevitable in life. I do hope to have Dicken back to speak more about how an understanding of the 3 principles can impact and enhance day to day life.


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