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Alter Your Health

Sep 30, 2019

Danielle was a classmate of mine in the Spiritual Psychology program at University of Santa Monica.

Though we had many conversations together over our year studying Consciousness, Health, and Healing, I never knew she was a professional astrologer! With a strong connection to astrology and my chart, I was excited to pick Danielle's brain.

We had a great conversation covering many things from Danielle's journey, to astrology and the physical body, to how the current astrological transits are reflected in the current geopolitical landscape.


Some highlights include... 

  • How Danielle went from a "closet astrologer" to embracing it as her profession
  • The common limiting view and misconceptions held on astrology
  • Personal struggles in embracing his Self-Healing philosophy
  • How planetary transits present opportunities to learn and grow
  • The connections between different zodiac signs and the physical body
  • Intrinsic opportunities for each of the zodiac signs
  • The effect of current transits on the global/political state of affairs


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