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Alter Your Health

May 2, 2019

This is a huge topic that we have dabbled in before (check out the blog serious entitled Autoimmunity Goes Viral - or podcast episodes 65, 67, and 69)


In this episode we talk about the nature of viruses and their relationship with human health and disease.


Some things discussed include...

  • Viruses are EVERYWHERE and we are all infected
  • Viruses are linked with autoimmunity and cancer, as well as every other mystery illness
  • Some of the specific known viruses that could be culprits
  • Some environmental, food, pharmaceutical, and lifestyle stressors that could suppress your immunity
  • Best foods to eat and those to avoid to combat viral illness
  • Top 3 supplements that can support general immunity


One of our favorite supplements is RESTORE which came up again in this conversation. If you order through the link below, we will make a few pennies to support our podcast!


Links to learn more