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Alter Your Health

Aug 27, 2018

Yogi Arvind was my first ever proper meditation teacher! Since meeting him in Venice Beach, CA about 7 years ago, his presence has certainly influenced my path and understanding of health.

In this conversation, Arvind and I discuss yoga and how it is such a powerful intervention for health and life when applied in its truest form. Arvind's work is to inspire and educate the world of the full depth and breadth of yogic wisdom, focusing beyond the yoga mat/yoga studio. We talk a bit about the other 7 limbs raja yoga, beyond Asana, or the physical movement practice that we are so familiar with. We didn't cover them all, but here is a brief snippet of the 8 limbs of yoga:

1 - YAMA - Restraints, moral disciplines or moral vows.

  • Ahiṃsā: Nonviolence, non-harming other living beings.
  • Satya: truthfulness, non-falsehood.
  • Asteya: non-stealing.
  • Brahmacharya: chastity, marital fidelity or sexual restraint.
  • Aparigraha: non-avarice, non-possessiveness.

2 - NIYAMA - Positive duties or observances.

  • Sauca: purity, clearness of mind, speech and body
  • Santosa: contentment, acceptance of others and of one's circumstances as they are, optimism for self
  • Tapas: austerity, self-discipline, persistent meditation, perseverance
  • Svadhyaya: study of self, self-reflection, introspection of self's thoughts, speeches and actions
  • Isvarapranidhana: contemplation of God (Supreme Being, Brahman, True Self, Unchanging Reality) and attunement to the supreme consciousness

3 - ASANA - Posture.

4 - PRANAYAMA - Breathing techniques.

5 - PRATYAHARA - Sense withdrawal.

6 - DHARANA - Focused concentration.

7 - DHYANA - Meditative absorption.

8 - SAMADHI - Bliss or enlightenment.

Arvind also shares about his practice and continual fine tuning to balance himself in his life just outside the hectic city of Los Angeles.


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