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Alter Your Health

Mar 28, 2019

The answer to this question is YES... you are.... but it's not your fault!

FOOD IS MEDICINE... but, food today is not the same as it used to be. Our soils are depleted from minerals, and as a result, the medicinal properties of our food has largely been stripped away.

For more on how GMOs and Glyphosate contribute to this, listen to this episode ( or read this blog (

Today we bring forward a solution to this problem. Mineral supplements. But not any ordinary mineral supplement, real earth derived, soil-based mineral supplements.

Shilajit is derived from ancient soil and is packed with fulvic and humic acid as well as a harmonious blend of all minerals in optimal proportions for the human body.


Highlights from this conversation...

  • Some of the key minerals and how they impact physiology
  • Why isolated minerals aren't ideal
  • How homeopathic mineral salts can also be helpful
  • Why regenerative agriculture is the only way to really solve this issue
  • The 2 supplements that we recommend
  • Who should consider Shilajit and who should be cautious

Check out two products that we recommend to optimize mineral absorption, gut healing, and overall vitality:

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