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Alter Your Health

Jul 19, 2018

In this episode, we dive into another determinant of health - RELATIONSHIPS!

As divine beings having a human experience, Earth School is where we learn and grow. In Earth School, our teachers are those who we have relationships with. Each reflecting opportunities to know ourselves and love ourselves more fully.

In this episode we talk about how relationships can be both a source of stress and a source of love. We also talk about how loneliness and feelings of disconnection and isolation are powerful predictors of all sorts of disease.

Dr. Susanna and I both share about some of our most powerful "teachers" in this life.

The take home message is that all of life and the teachers herein point us back inward, to focus on the most sacred and special relationship of all, that which we have with ourselves.

Without having a strong and loving relationship to the self, building health will remain a challenge.

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PS - Sorry about the audio this week - we are playing around with a new system for recording these videos LIVE!

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