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Alter Your Health

Nov 19, 2018

I LOVED connecting with our guest today, Steve Bhaerman, who also goes by his stage name, Swami Beyondanada.​

I've always identified myself as a serious kind of guy. I enjoy humor, but I had always judged my sense of humor as weak, often struggling to laugh, even in outright funny times! This conversation has already helped to dramatically shift my perspective on comedy in life.

Some of the things we covered in this episode are...

  • The physiologic power of a good laugh

  • How comedy is the antidote to stress

  • The miracles that take place when we are able to shift perspective

  • Why comedy is a powerful way to access creativity

  • Is ALL comedy ALWAYS good - even in the serious and stress filled times of our society today?

We didn't even get a chance to dive into some other the other things that Steve is up to in life, like writing many, many books!

I did get a few good laughs, and intend to bring more laughter into future life. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!


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