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Alter Your Health

Nov 15, 2018

Holy cow! I cannot believe the holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is 1 WEEK AWAY!​

With that of course comes "cold and flu season," a time when we all need to ramp up self-care and focus on the fundamental aspects to stay healthy.

In this episode we cover...

  • Fruits and veggies to focus on this season

  • Why HYDRATION is key!

  • The importance of getting sunlight and being outdoors - even if the sun is hiding most of the time!

  • Why focusing on moving LYMPH is so important

  • HYDROTHERAPY - what to do on a daily basis (check out this blog for more OR read the Hydrotherapy chapter in our book, Vital Lifestyle)

  • Specific nutrients to support the immune system

  • Specific herbs to cook with, and to infuse in your seasonal winter teas​

Stay healthy and happy!


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