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Alter Your Health

Sep 3, 2018

Dr. Glen Nagel was my botanical medicine professor during naturopathic medical studies. His knowledge is vast, and I've always appreciated his teachings that are infused with his light heart and athentic passion for the plants.

In this talk we went into the range of therapeutic applications for many different plants, including cannabis. Dr. Nagel shares how all herbs can be used on energetic, physiologic, and pharmacologic levels to potentiate a range of desired effects in the body.

We get into some scientific details with regard to a variety of plants, while also staying balanced with a necessary amount of magical thinking. Dr. Nagel shares some of his personal favorites in the plant world, and some of the more profound experiences he has had over the years of studying and experimenting with various herbs.

Hope you enjoy this connection with Dr. Nagel as much as I did!


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